dUit nk wat C0ntest!! (",)


Saturday, May 14, 2011

My 1st Blog Candy Giveaway

ade GA lagi..
mest k0rang pn suke kan...
so bole la join same2 :)

syarat2 die??
xsusah pn...

1) Become a follower if you are not one already.
2) You must own a blog.
3) Place this Candy giveaway photo on your sidebar (the 1st or last pic in this post) and the photo must linked back to this post
easy right??(kna speak mat saller skitla)..hehehe
if u want j0in it!!
click banner  ok!!
superb la (",)
tQ babe~

1 comment:

  1. Hi Ros,

    Thank you for joining my giveaway. However, you missed the very 1st step - be a follower. Please return to my blog post and complete the step to qualify for the giveaway.

    Good luck! ;)